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2 Hour+ individual one on one reading exploring natal chart, yearly transits & astrocartography.

Each reading explores the natal chart blueprint from your minute of birth and is then followed by the specific transits in the year ahead pertaining to your path.

We finish with a deep understanding of astrological resonant lines on the earth through the offering of astrocartography! Understanding the best places to resonate with regards love, business, retreat & growth based opportunities.

During the reading, there is room for guidance around purpose and dharma within the collective, and each individual custom reading is focussed on leaving you feeling driven and inspired by a knowledge of your individual blueprint and offering within the collective.



Conversational Astrology- learn the language of astrology in a 6 week course!

Guided video led course with weekly zoom workshops with Astroverse Dyl.

Each week will focus on the main elements of astrology including: 

• Signs  • Planets  • Houses

• Synastry • Nodes & Retrogrades

• Speaking the language of Astrology

This course is for you if you understand the power of astrology and it's ability to support finding the right partner, picking the right dates to launch, the right moments to retreat... etcetera :)

The course allows a free-flowing conversation in astrology with anybody you meet while empowering you to understand your life and bio-hacking the patterns that can serve you through the lens of astrology!




What does a monthly guidance container look like?

The main premise of the One on One monthly container experience is attaining specific guidance on making choices around powerful dates in the month to serve you and others.

​We initiate this each month with a 1 hour transit focussed reading at the beginning of every month, with research and notes specifically tailored to your unfolding in the month ahead.

During the reading we discuss the upcoming month in relation to opportunities and possibilities to activate in your life around the most important patterns being revealed. From here, we envisage the month together and see the highest outputs.

Through the container you learn astrology in a direct and empowering way, watching the cycles and their impact on your life, through direct experience and real life feedback.


After the reading and during the month the monthly container also includes:

1 on 1 guidance Mon- Friday with full access contact through whatsapp. Contact Dylan for when anything arises and guidance is required throughout the month. 

Weekly check in's to ensure the path is clear while operating from the highest octaves of the patterns unfolding. 

Early access to all of Dylan's videos & created content.


Discounts on all events & retreats that are being created!

Throughout the container experience Dylan will share all of his tools, resources and life-hacks, including his health & wellness tools for optimal being.




Astrology as a tool for divination and path creation, can be explored sucessfully when merged with retreat offerings.

Astroverse Dyl can join your retreat, offering one-on-one readings and guidance to your retreat patrons.

Group orientated astrology sessions are also an incredible way to understand  how the planets effect us within group dynamics.

Conversational astrology can also be taught during a full retreat and with specific attunement to the retreats goals and outputs.


Astroverse Dyl offers his knowledge at events and festivals, devising specific ecstatic dance/ music set experiences dedicated to the specific astrological date of the event.

Under 'Sparkles & Lilith' Astroverse Dyl supports astrological driven musical experiences that are created specifically for your event.

Lilith, the mis-understood goddess of the re-wilding feminine -represents in this iteration- a female spaceholder who collaborates with Astroverse Dyl holding the event/container while the sparkles musical experience guides participants into ecstatic states, with a complete astrological backdrop built into the offering.

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Astrological guidance with Astroverse Dyl

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