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" Dylan is a truly exceptional astrologer. I have always felt that astrology “didn’t apply to me” as anyone else who had attempted to read my chart, some with years of experiences, told me tales of myself that didn’t resonate. Dylan knew nothing about me when we met for my reading, only what the stars told him. Yet, right away, I felt his descriptions fit my life, my way of being, my gifts and challenges. The astrocartography section of the reading was particularly delightful, as I had already lived on almost all the lines and in the specific recommended locations, and already had plans to visit those I had no yet explored, with too great a precision to be a coincidence. Still, I woke up the next morning with a classic case of skepticism, normal for me, and a heavy dose of “don’t tell me what to do” with regards to the alignments he read for my year ahead. But within a week, I felt the predicted fire of creativity take a hold of me with giddy excitement, and a week later, a short-lived surprise romance, on point, down to the sign of this person, sun and moon.

Then I realized, what Dylan does is not “predict the future” or suggest “how to live my life”, but highlight currents and flows that can carry me to where I most naturally fall within the greater order of Life. And even though it is fun to resist, it is truly delicious to step into that flow. What Dylan ignited during the reading was an understanding of my unique, highly specialized contribution to the world, and that feeling is incredible, like wind under the wings, like fire in the furnace, like true self-love. For these and other reasons, I count Dylan’s reading of my chart as one of those pivotal moments on my path, with soooo much gratitude. Thank you!


Melissa Wyld  2022

Sidney Foltz

Sidney Foltz 2022


Dylan is an incredibly gifted astrologer. I had been calling in an astrologer for almost a year, yet never felt called to move forward with the people coming into my field…until I met Dylan. As soon as I heard him talk about the stars, I knew this was my guy. 


I received a full reading - natal chart, year ahead and geography and wow was it powerful. He really takes the space to tune in and map out everything you need to know. He uses the time wisely and highlights all the important aspects/dates/places you should be aware of. 


My favorite part was listening to the way he talks about the personality of the planets and signs. He interprets what’s going on in a way that’s clear and inspiring. He spoke about my placements as though they were tools here to help me navigate everything that’s arising in my life. Because of Dylan's extensive knowledge and understanding, I was left feeling so supported by all the elements that lie above us. 


To be honest, this was more than just a reading. It was an initiation to launch my soul further on its highest timeline. I felt he gave me all the guidance I need to continue my expansion in sharing my offerings with the world. 


Dylan you are a gift - thank you for all he dedication you’ve put into learning this craft. I’m so excited to learn more about what the stars have in store for me!

Daniel Benedini

Daniel Benedini 2022

I don’t know much about astrology except for my sign, like a typical Leo. 


All I know is that Dylan’s reading was incredibly insightful as it resonated with so many facets and aspects of my life. Based on my chart he was able to infer my sensibilities, my talents, my obstacles and the best way to acknowledge and move through them.


I can’t begin to explain how he was able to infer all of this but all I know is that everything he shared resonated to my deepest being!

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