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ABOUT Astroverse Dyl


Passionate About Guiding Others

Dylan is a Blue Rose certified Astrologer with 18 years of astrological study and guiding others towards greater insight. Accredited under master astrologer Andrew Smith- founder of Blue Rose Astrology- Dylan offers guidance for assured upgraded steps on your journey.


Dylan's background is of storytelling and filmmaking. He has created multiple narrative based films & Tv shows between Dublin, Vancouver & Los Angeles, as an award winning writer, producer & director. He has been on his own personal journey to deeply experience the mythos and archetype's behind story and this process has greatly supported his ability to guide others and how they show up in the collective.


The stories we tell ourselves are what become our reality, re-shaping these stories, and using the knowledge and power of one's blueprint, are what serve our dharmic path. It's Dylan's long study of astrology, merged with his deep understanding of how consciousness and created reality, are both a process of choice and surrender, that has culminated in his full offering, that he now brings to his clients around the world as Astroverse Dyl.


Dylan offers a unique style of astrological portend, using his own channelled instruments of astrological divination, pulled from deep chart driven research prior to any reading, event or course. Together with research meeting divination,  each reading, event and course is unique, with channelled notes offered to every client after the reading and course content that is factual, in the masculine directed logical manner, met with feminine feeling, deep consideration and learned knowing, through trained instinct.


His method can be viewed as a harmonised approach to astrology where the feminine divination meets the masculine discipline and logic of research.  Where Chiron finally meets Lilith, where Mars finally meets Venus, in the new more harmonious world of the Aquarian age :)

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